Creativity is intelligence having fun
Exclusive Productions is an event and marketing management agency that specializes in exclusive, high quality events, locations, lifestyle design and marketing management
We strive only for perfection
Artist management
Making sure that the artist can do what he does best, be creative on his music and the events he plays!
Only the best is good enough, the best clubs, the best artists and most importantly, the best crowd.
Social Media 
Standing out in the big scary world of social media might be one of the most difficult things in modern marketing, contact us for your custom made plan.
Venue management
Programming your artists, marketing, events, social media, with only one purpose: making your hands free to please your guests
Monday should be optional
All new Sparkular FX
Safe, reliable, indoor pyrotechnics. Isn't that what we have been looking for the last couple of years? No…
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Saturday Sessions - Millers Den Haag
The best club in town deserves the best regular Saturdays! More info
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